Blogging and SEO Connections

It doesn’t matter how good writer or content creator you are, driving traffic to your blog site is something to work on. SEO is inevitable for this task and you may have known the basics. However, an effective SEO strategy actually requires a more comprehensive element to consider. Most of them are highly related to your content. With these following tips, you’ll improve the SEO effectiveness in an instant way, let’s have a look at them.

Attractive Headline Application.

It’s a crucial creative work on your content and even determines the traffic to your blog. In the end, clicks are counted and determine your rank. An eye-catching headline would attract the searchers to click the link on the search engine result. Apply the attractive headlines on your content so more people will click it. However, you’ll also need to keep the headline relevant to your content. This tip would provide you with algorithm benefits which both boost your site rank and authority status.

Visual Applications to Improve Your Rank

More people are attracted and engaged with infographics, images, and videos. If it’s an image, the search engine would detect it through the alternative tag which also plays a similar function to the keywords. It’s suggested to create infographics to request image backlink to your content whenever it’s used by the others.

Do-Follow Links

Your SEO strategy should aim to obtain the do-follow links which indicate the authority of your site. It represents the quality and trustworthy status of your blog site. It’s suggested to avoid excessive no-follow links as it would downgrade your blog site’s authority. It’s better if you focus your strategy on guest posting on the web 2.0 or authority sites.

Links to Authority Blog Sites

Whenever you want to embed outbound links, it’s very important to keep them relevant and derives from authority sites only. Avoid inactive sites or untrusted sites no matter how tempting they are. Search engines like Google provide a high value to blog site which uses the link to other quality blog sites. It would improve the authority of your site and improves the search engine rank and exposure.

Not all writers or content creators now that most search engines more love the long contents than the short ones. However, they actually have a high concern on more comprehensive elements including the accuracy, the whole quality, relevancy, readability, and so forth.

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