Developing and Optimizing Your Content through SEO Framework

Developing and optimizing your contents should only be done based on the SEO framework or they could be useless. It’s the most effective way to align the SEO strategy with the planned business strategies you’ve built. Here are some SEO framework tips if you want to effectively develop and optimize your content

Manage the Content Keywords

Despite the differences in the concepts, there are some general standards to meet. First, you need to place keywords on the headline strategically. Second, manage the keywords on the paragraph headlines. Third, ensure the coherent aspects between paragraphs. Fourth, apply the proper heading levels to articulate subtitles or subpoints. Five, apply the optimized keywords on the meta-tag. These comprehensive steps would improve content exposure. The content is the crucial element of your SEO works. Aligning the content writing and SEO formula is very beneficial though.

Adding Images or Visual Attraction

It’s not a secret that many people are more visual than the others. Even such textual people are also more engaged with embedded pictures. A relevant, attractive picture would engage more people to read or view your content longer. It’s already proven that relevant pictures have increased the traffic at a significant level compared to the sole text contents. Adding images could be a valuable SEO framework aside from the text content. In fact, working on the contents could be more effective with graphic elements.


Backlinks are a valuable way to allow visitors or prospective customers reaching you. In term of online business, it’s where the customers can navigate to the landed page which could the order page, contact page, or other relevant pages depending on the content. That’s why, you need to ensure that the backlinks are active, usable, and redirect the visitor to the relevant or desired page.

Including the Social Elements

Social media becomes an influential factor in business and branding development. It’s where your customer can reach you in a more dynamic, personalized way. Build your business page on social media platforms and connect it with your SEO work. Don’t forget to apply the social buttons on your business websites.

Providing Comment or Discussion Opportunity

It’s very important to add the comment or discussion section on your business site. Why it’s a part of SEO framework? Active comments indicate the reliability of the site. Of course, the presence of negative comments could be inevitable but it’s also the best opportunity for you to confirm or clarify all the information. In other hands, it’s also the functional way to engage more people.

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