The Parties Involved in Web Development

Adding web development in your business is a big decision because it will involve a lot of people in it. It is important to briefly understand the parties who have the roles in the web development in advance proceeding.



The database is a pivotal part of your web development. It is the organized form of data in which the operator can access, update, and change using the database management system. The standard tools to manage the database are SQL and MySQL.


Web design

You have understood this will need the professional web designer who can handle the website appearances, functions, and the features. Depending on your website necessity, the professionals can be involved with the tools like Ai, PS, DW, and so on.


Front-end developers

This party will be on the client side programming. Most of the parties consist of a team who handles the tasks on HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, and so on.


Back-end developers

For the server side programming, you will need the professional back-end developers. Their responsibilities revolve around the database management, database logic, security, and so on.


Full-stack developers

These parties are those who can handle both front-end and back-end, as well as the website design. They understand the problems of those categories so that often they supervise the subdivisions in the web development. But in any small to midsize businesses, full-stack developers can do all the tasks mentioned above.



The client is the client end server which runs on different browsers. The website developer will assure that your website runs and loads smoothly when opened by various browsers.



It is a PC or device that provides the side code generation and database handling. Here is where the request can be made and responded.

When you read the parties descriptions above, you might think that they will spend hours per day to work on your website. Well, it is not entirely true. Most reliable website developers have the strategies to use their resources maximally so that they won’t waste their time for a single project.

Most developers may spend a lot of time in meeting with their client to discuss the project and attain the information regarding the project.

We could agree that web designing and development is not a simple task. If you are new to this niche, you might be confused with a lot of terms. Here is where the experienced web developers can help you. Don’t hesitate to work with professionals since you will be able to expand your business quickly with their help.

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