Why Isn’t My Website Ranking? Here Are the Possible Reasons

You might have spent some bucks on the SEO service, web designing, content creation, and other services. But just like many other business owners, you might be wondering why your website is not ranking. Here are the possible reasons why your site wouldn’t list effectively.

No relevant backlinks

There is no point to build tons of backlinks from the sites that have no related niches with your products or services. The links that point to your website should have relevance. If you are selling a weight loss product, make sure the links come from the relevant topics of health and weight loss. The process of quality backlinks building can take a lot of time since there are media to uphold like blogs, articles directories, press releases, and so on. But with the relevant links, your business will sustain much longer than your competitors.


Slow website

Google does not appreciate a slow loading website. Well, not only Google, your readers might not have enough time to wait for the long loading time. Chances are your readers will leave you after a minute or so. Presuming that most modern people value their time, they don’t want to stuck with a slow loading website that prevents them from getting the information. It is another homework you need to work.


Have you applied long tail keywords?

The competition is harsh enough to put your business down to the bottom. Every player in the online industry should understand that there’s a stake at the SEO efforts. The best shot is to work with the SEO experts who can suggest the proper keywords for your business. They can recommend the narrower term to establish a distinct image of your brand. For instance, “printing service” might not be a common keyword. Instead, you will use “printing service in Miami” to get more audiences in specific areas. Your SEO agent will know what’s best for your business.


Your website is not ready for mobile users

Have you checked if your site is mobile-friendly? More and more people are more convenient to use their mobile phone to access information. They don’t like the hassle when turning their PC on for a quick search while they are on the go. If you don’t know about converting your website to a mobile version, you could hire professionals to do that for you. You can also test your site through the Mobile-Friendly test by Google.

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