Difference between Google and Bing SEO

Search engine optimization is one of the most popular and effective marketing strategies to increase website traffic and sales. Have you ever noticed how most businesses completely forget about the other search engines that are present and operational on the internet? Mostly for SEO, the focus is only on Google. However, Yahoo and Bing are equally as big of search engines as Google and people can also improve their web traffic by applying Bing SEO strategies. The optimization on the two search engines is slightly different and the businesses will have to understand the requirements of the two sites in order to construct an effective strategy.

Keyword Emphasis

Keywords are the main component of any SEO strategy regardless of the targeted search engine. However, over the years the usage and type of keyword focus have changed. Google has advanced in quite a speedy manner and now its focus is more on the concept of keyword search which does not make it necessary for websites to use exact same keywords. As google focuses on the concept, it can also read broken keywords in the content. On the other hand, Bing still needs exact same keywords. It requires the keywords in the exact same form in title, Meta tags, h1 and h2 to rank the website.

Mobile Optimization

Google is the very first search engine in the world to focus on mobile optimization. Considering the modern era, it is quite important that mobile sites are optimized as well due to the excessive use of mobile phones by the people all across the world. Google will now be ranking the mobile version of the sites before the desktop versions. It is not yet introduced by Bing and its complete focus is on the desktop sites only.

Page Ranking

Page ranking is another major difference between the two search engine sites. Bing’s complete focus is on the homepage of the website. No matter how brilliant the internal pages are, it will only rank the homepage. For example, if you are looking for an affordable essay writer for your English paper, it is not possible that on Bing SERP you come across the direct link of the English course page of any writing service. There will be homepage links only. On the other hand, Google can rank internal pages as well like the blogs and the service pages.

Meta Tags

This has to be the biggest difference between the two sites. Meta tags are highly crucial for Bing ranking. Any website without Meta tags in the keywords can never be able to appear in the first few rankings on the SERP. Meta tags need to be present in the title, H1, and H2 for successful google ranking. On the other hand, Google has completely disregarded the use of Meta tags since even before 2009. It does not matter for google if your keywords have the Meta tags or not, but it surely does matter for Bing.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is another important marketing type which is quite effective as well. If we connect it with search engine optimization, Bing considers it highly relevant and effective, whereas Google denies any point of social signals to affect the site ranking. Usually when your social media marketing is strong, people are redirected to your website on social channels as well which increases the traffic. Google, however, does not authorize it as of yet and if your SMM is great, only Bing ranking will have a positive impact and not the Google ranking.

Fresh Content

Lastly, the age is also considered by both the search engines and we have seen a 180 degrees conflict in this specific point. Bing prioritize the websites with an older age of domain, and web pages. For Bing, the age of a website plays a vital role in its authenticity and credibility. This is, however, completely opposite in the case of Google. Google wants fresh content on the web pages, one according to the latest strategies and requirements. It pays great focus on the engagement level of each website and the better the engagement is, the better Google will rank it.

Modern day business requires a lot of marketing in the right direction for success and word of mouth. SEO is currently the most popular marketing type and strategy to improve the sales of a brand. However, with the variety of search engines present on the worldwide web, it is natural to have different type of SEO requirements as well according to the different search engine sites. The two most common search engines are Google and Bing. Discussed above are the differences between the two sites which the SEO service providers must consider to enhance and build their strategies accordingly.

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